artist's statement

my drawings

My drawings are abstract regressionist. They are old but behave like little children.

My drawings are bottle-fed and battle-torn, drawn from the natural and unnatural.

My drawings are homespun hand-me-downs, hands-on and hands-off.

My drawings run in herds, bumping into each other in sequences and consequences, in planned and unplanned obsolescence.

My drawings are music inspired by muses, amusing to muse upon. They are mosaic, and Mosaic, like Moses drawn out of water and drawn with water, but never watered down.

My drawings sing praises and praise singing.

My drawings are movingly still, but still moving, emotional notions about motion, configurations of constellations.

My drawings are sexual and asexual, gestural busybodies, inert and inertial.

My drawings are inaction paintings, made in haste, but never hastily made.

My drawings are light fast and fastidiously light.

My drawings are both drawn and withdrawn. They collect their own thoughts and have a mind of their own.

My drawings are importune and impolite. They don't mind their mannerisms and are temper tantric.

In my drawings form follows dysfunction and function follows friction. My drawings rub me the wrong way.

My drawings are of the body and out-of-body, mindfully mindless.

My drawings are Kabbalah-ready. They daven on the wall, gently swaying back and forth to the rhythm of my rivers.

My drawings are bound in an unbound book, binding and bounding to and fro and fro and to.

My drawings reveal and conceal. They are lost and found and lost again.

My drawings are sight-specific, premature and post-horrific.

My drawings are cut and pasted, posted on a wall. They think big but talk small.

My drawings are modest in size, and immodest in scale.

My drawings are a site for sore I's.

These drawings are taken from the series "Sefer Shel Or (Book of Light)." Each piece is gouache on paper, 10 1/2" X 10 1/2" There are currently 1226 works in the series.